Sometimes we all need a helping hand

Sometimes we need some coaching or support a second opinion, someone to bounce ideas with, someone to explore possibilities with.

You might be starting a new marketing role, tackling a complex project, transitioning into product marketing, or actively job searching.

I've been mentoring and supporting marketers for over ten years, and I believe that part of my life's purpose is to help people grow.

So if you want some advice or words of experience about your specific, unique situation from a product marketing leader who has been in the field for 15 years, let's chat.

Let's meet to discuss a topic of your choice

Example topics include:

  • Feedback on a marketing plan, positioning, or strategy

  • Career coaching

  • Resume review

  • Presentation practice

  • Interview practice

  • Approaching organizational challenges

  • Topic of your choice

About Melinda Chung

Melinda Chung

Melinda Chung has over 15 years of experience leading strategy, marketing and product management in technology companies. Melinda has built marketing teams from the ground up at multiple companies and has led full-stack product marketing teams at companies including Yahoo!, StumbleUpon, Locu (acquired by GoDaddy), GoDaddy, and Adobe. Melinda was most recently Director of Product Marketing at Adobe and VP of Marketing at VSCO. Melinda has an MBA in Marketing & Strategy from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a BA in Mathematical Economics from Pomona College.


  • How will I schedule my session?

    After purchase, the first lesson of the course will include contact information to schedule your session. You will be asked to send available time blocks over the next 7 days, and you will be contacted to confirm scheduling within 24 hours. If we cannot find an agreeable time to meet, you will receive a prompt refund.

  • How will we meet?

    We will meet over video chat. You will receive instructions after our session is scheduled.

Recommendations from LinkedIn

“Melinda is unmatched. She’s an amazing leader, analytical thinker, and holistic marketer. I had the chance to work with her on 2 different teams and always appreciated her innovative approach, confident energy, and the way she fostered her team’s growth. Even though she wasn’t my direct manager, she was always a mentor and contributed greatly to my growth within Adobe. She’s so many things, but above all she is such a joy to work with.”

Veronika Luquin, Global Marketing Lead at Adobe

“Melinda is by far the best leader and manager I've had in my career. She's not only an expert in end-to-end product marketing, but she leads by example, is a respected mentor, a dedicated team member and is someone who I genuinely hold in the highest regard ... Melinda empowered me to successfully spearhead initiatives no matter how complex they were, encouraged me to always think big and ask hard questions, and to always push forward. ”

Brandon Wong, Principal Product Marketing Manager at Adobe

“Melinda was not only a great product and marketing leader, but her teammates turned to her for emotional and moral leadership as well. Everyone, including myself, loved working with Melinda and we all knew we could follow and rely on her. To me, these are some of the core characteristics of a true leader.”

Shaun Seo, Product Management Leader, ex-GoDaddy

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