I support small and large teams to level up and increase the skill level of their product marketing teams. This includes expanding the skillset from business case development to marketing strategy development and through to channel execution.

Whether your product marketing team is home-grown with people transitioning from other functions or you just need to increase the seniority of your team, I can help. 

Some workshop examples are listed below, and custom training is available based on your needs. Training workshops can be conducted either virtually or in-person (San Francisco Bay Area) and are a combination of concept presentation and hands-on application to reinforce learnings.  

Please contact me for more information or to discuss your needs.

Workshop Examples

Training: Product Marketing Fundamentals

Structure: Two sessions, 3 hrs total, with optional offline homework or additional hands-on application add-on

Session 1: 2 hrs

  • Concept overview: Market and user research, Competitive analysis, Positioning
  • Applied learning: Competitive analysis and Positioning platform

Session 2: 1 hr

  • Concept overview: GTM launch plan and marketing plans, including acquisition and engagement marketing strategies

Training: Crafting Positioning Platforms

Structure: Two sessions with offline homework, ~2.5 hrs total

Session 1: 45 min

  • Concept overview (how to write a positioning platform, how to translate positioning into a messaging platform)

Offline Homework:

  • Complete worksheets and positioning platform template for own product/service

Session 2: 90 min

  • Pair up to share and give feedback to each other on positioning platform (can also send to each other as pre-read first)

  • Present to group, with discussion and feedback

Training: Key Analyses for Marketers

Structure: Two sessions, 3 hrs total

Session 1: 2 hrs

  • Analysis 1 (to be determined): 1 hr

    • Walk through analysis

    • Practice on own, share together

    • Present and discuss

  • Analysis 2 (to be determined): 1 hr

    • Walk through analysis

    • Practice on own, share together

    • Present and discuss

Session 2: 1 hr

  • Linking Insights to GTM: Framework overview 

  • Application from Analysis 1 and Analysis 2

Potential Analyses: (select based on needs)

  • Size a market opportunity (ex. mobile, international, customer segment) - bottom up, top down
  • Analyze marketing program performance (or launch plan performance) - could include awareness campaign, demand generation, social/search campaign, email, funnel analysis
  • Analyze customer behavior in-product (product or feature usage of different cohorts, etc) or profile statistics (ex. by industry, company size, MSA, etc)