Moselle Grace Cabral, Product Marketing Manager at Veewz

Thanks for putting together such awesome and usable content, Melinda Chung! I truly enjoyed this course.

Sherry Wu, Marketing Manager at ENFOS

I give PMM Bootcamp 5/5 star. 

It’s really amazing that Melinda is able to break down PMM’s diverse job function into stacks that are applicable to company in different sizes or stages. 

This bootcamp is for all levels. I found myself revisiting the class material from time to time as I grow. Overall, it is comprehensive and yet super digestible. 

If you are wondering if this is the right PMM material/resource for you, I can assure you this is one of the most well organized and experience-based educational content out there, affordable and bullsh*t-less.

Liesbeth Bulté, Product Marketing Manager at

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated and learned from the PMM bootcamp! First time I came across a concise, practical course on product marketing. Great job!

Karen Zhang, Product Marketing Manager, Mercari US

Thank you for providing such clear content and real life examples. I started the bootcamp in anticipation of PMM interviews and I’m happy to say I secured a position at a tech company. Thank you!

Fabio Hsu, Product Marketing Manager at ADARA

I applied the concepts from the Product Marketing Bootcamp to my job interviews, and I was able to recently join a new company as a Product Marketing Manager. The course material was very practical and relevant, especially for the tech industry.  I was in a different industry before, but I was able to use the knowledge, terminology and frameworks to translate what I did into relatable stories.

Carrie Mumford, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Points

Over a year after having completed the Product Marketing Bootcamp, it has still proven valuable to my day-to-day as a PMM. As I was sketching out my new annual strategy, I found myself returning to the class downloads. Thank you for making such a valuable course.

Elena Pugach, Global Marketing Coordinator at Kaspersky

Proud and excited to have made yet another step in expanding my marketing horizons. Just received my Product Marketing Bootcamp certification from Melinda Chung. Great materials and tools on research & analysis, positioning, building strategies, and marketing campaigns. Thanks, Melinda!

Jeff Gross, Premium Audience Development Manager at Stitcher

This class aligned perfectly with the problems I needed to solve with our product. 

Making our own positioning and messaging chart like you showed in the class has been instrumental in figuring out what direction to move in as we head towards our product launch. 

Also, after learning how to structure launch plans, I feel confident to take this on! 

Sarah Grant, PM & PMM Consultant

Melinda takes the theory behind what makes a great Product Marketing Manager and puts it into practical and functional steps. With relatable examples combined with her own experience, she breaks down the vast responsibilities of a Product Marketing Manager into small sections that are consumable and immediately useful. I recommend this course wholeheartedly!

Mike Ryan, Vice President of Growth Marketing at project44

I LOVE your PMM bootcamp. You did a great job. 

You articulated everything extremely well, but my favorite part was the positioning and messaging. I already had a lot of experience with acquisition channels so I didn't learn as much there - but thought you did a great job explaining that part too!

David Chang, GTM & Growth startup consultant

Just completed your Product Marketing Bootcamp! Thank you for taking the time to create this content. Awesome templates and great presentation on the B2B/B2C example GTM launch plans.

Abbie Schaefer, Director of PR/Marketing and Special Events at An Achievable Dream

I wanted to let you know how much I truly enjoyed this course! 

You have such a personable way of presenting that made the material feel doable for any “scrappy marketer” that needs to get it done! I also appreciated your point of advice to simply be willing to jump in and get the job done no matter what. 

If you ever decide to create a "deeper dive" or PMM bootcamp 2.0, I'll be first in line to sign up!

Daniel Loesch, Advisor at NuggetVid

Melinda is a great speaker. Very methodical and organized in her presentation. Her content provides a mini-business school class for those interested in learning more about what a PMM does - or should do.

Liza Ansher, Search Ads 360 Agency Lead at Google

The PMM Bootcamp provided me the foundations of Product Marketing (for B2B & B2C). The combination of videos, quizzes, and actionable templates were EXTREMELY valuable as I was able to use those in my current role and in PMM interviews. I would 100% recommend this course to others who are trying to break into Product Marketing.

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