During this product marketing course, you’ll learn to:

  • Create a marketing plan with both acquisition and engagement channels

  • Develop a differentiated positioning platform

  • Conduct market and user research

  • Conduct a competitive analysis

  • Create metrics and reporting dashboards

  • Identify key areas for customer feedback and behavioral analysis

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Product Marketing Bootcamp

    2. Before we get started ...

    1. What is Product Marketing?

    2. Handout: Range of PMM responsibilities

    3. Handout: PMM by business growth stage

    4. Handout: Additional Class Notes

    5. The Full Stack of Product Marketing

    6. Handout: The Full Stack of Product Marketing

    7. Introducing BetterPlantz and Business Boost

    8. Handout: Better Plantz and Business Boost descriptions

    9. Quiz: Test your learning

    1. Market and User Research

    2. Why Conduct Research?

    3. Research Process & Market Research

    4. Handout: Market Research Questions

    5. Quiz - Test your learning

    1. Qualitative Research: Ethnographies and Focus Groups

    2. Handout: User Research Topics

    3. Handout: How to Set up a Focus Group

    4. Template: Recruitment Posting for Focus Groups

    5. Template: Focus Group Discussion Guide

    6. Qualitative Research: 1:1 Interviews and Person on the Street

    7. Handout: Example Interview Questions

    8. Template: Participant Screener

    9. Quiz: Test your learning

    1. Quantitative Research: Surveys

    2. Quiz

    1. Research along Product Development Process

About this course

  • $300.00
  • 100 lessons

"The Product Marketing Bootcamp course was just what I needed to help jumpstart my transition from CPG brand marketing to product marketing. Melinda does a great job breaking down the essentials, explaining concepts easily, and providing lots of material and exercises to practice what you learn. It's a great primer for interviews, and a fantastic reference guide for when you're on the job as well! I'm glad I purchased this course!"

Neha Jikaria, Amazon Music Prime Marketing Lead


Frequently Asked Questions about the Product Marketing Bootcamp course

  • Is this a live class?

    No, this is an online class with prerecorded video lectures. You'll also get, handouts, exercises, and templates for you to practice and use on the job right away.

  • Does this cover all aspects of product marketing?

    This class focuses on the essentials of product marketing: market and user research, competitive analysis, positioning, launch planning, acquisition and engagement marketing, and customer analysis and metrics. Please review the syllabus for more detail. There are other areas that will be covered in future classes.

  • How long do I have to finish this class?

    You have access to this class for two years from date of purchase and can finish it at your own pace.

  • Who is this class NOT for?

    This class focuses on the essentials of product marketing. This class is not for you if: you already have significant experience in product marketing and a structured framework for doing so or if you are looking for a deep training on digital marketing.

  • How long is this class?

    You’ll likely spend 4-5 hours working through this course, which includes video lectures and handouts, templates, and quizzes along the way.

  • Is this class focused on B2B or B2C?

    This class covers strategy and frameworks that can be applied for both B2B and B2C companies. Marketing funnels and launch marketing plans also include examples for both business and consumer-focused products.

  • Is this class worth the investment?

    The class costs $300 for the essential concepts of end to end product marketing. Anything under this price point only focuses on a single topic or lacks real-world examples. Other multiple topic classes are 3x-5x the cost ($1000 - $1500) and/or focus on the abstract, not practical.

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"Thank you for putting together the Product Marketing Bootcamp! I so enjoyed your class and it will be incredibly helpful as I embark on a few upcoming product marketing interviews. "

Hannah Byrne, Product Marketing

Student Praise for the Product Marketing Bootcamp

“This course takes anyone with no or limited knowledge of Marketing to a level of knowledge where this person would function as a Product Manager.

This course is great because it is practical, with templates ready to go straight into the workflow of most companies. And the pace is great. You never get bored, yet you have time to reflect and learn.

I have recommended this course to my entire team.”

Daniel Delviken
Brand & Communications Manager, Softube AB


"Having been in my current PMM role for a year, having moved over from a more campaign based position, my manager recommended I partake in the bootcamp training to help familiarize myself with areas of the role I was not yet covering; the scope of a PMM being so wide and varied. 

This product marketing course provided valuable information that I was immediately able to apply to my current role, and has allowed me to feel more confident in meetings where items are discussed that previously I was lacking clarity on, or not feeling confident speaking up on.  

The course is broken down in such a way that makes it very easy to dip in and out of, depending on your own schedule, and yet is still engaging enough that at the times when you have an hour or so free to do a bigger chunk, you don’t feel bored and get distracted.

I would recommend this course to anyone starting off in their role as a PMM or considering it as a future career."

Dinah Hillsdon
Senior Product Marketing Manager, ADP