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Subject: Enrolling in the Product Marketing Bootcamp

Hi (insert manager’s name),

I’d like to enroll in the Product Marketing Bootcamp, and I’m wondering if the company would financially support my enrollment.

The Product Marketing Bootcamp is an online class that teaches the essentials of product marketing.  Here is what I would gain from this class and how our company would benefit:

  • Market and user research - I’ll learn how to conduct research to understand our customer needs, attitudes, motivations, and barriers.  With this, I can identify insights that we can apply for best reaching our target customer in our marketing. 

  • Competitive analysis - I’ll learn how to do a competitive analysis: what type of information to look for, how to analyze the information, and how to present it.  With this, I can assess competitive threats and identify gaps and opportunities for our company.

  • Positioning - I’ll learn how to develop a positioning platform that describes the unique value our product delivers to customers and guides our overall messaging.  With this, I can develop key messages that will communicate our most important value to customers and that will guide our advertising.

  • Marketing launch planning, acquisition and engagement marketing - I’ll learn about the marketing funnel and be able to evaluate the pros and cons of individual channels so I can develop a comprehensive marketing plan across acquisition and engagement channels. With this, I can develop marketing plans that deliver on our business objectives by reaching our key customers with the best channels.

In addition to concepts, the class includes step-by-step guides and templates that I can use in my job immediately.

The class costs $450, and I believe it’s worth the investment. Less expensive offerings only focus on a single topic, lack real-world examples, or lack high quality teaching. Other multiple topic classes are 3x-5x the cost and/or focus on the abstract, not practical.

Here's a testimonial from a student: 

"Other classes I've taken have been too high level or too narrow.  The Product Marketing Bootcamp was the right mix of practical concepts, presented succinctly and with actionable examples and templates.  I would definitely recommend." (Sophia Fox, Product Marketing at Glassdoor)

You can learn more about the Product Marketing Bootcamp at www.pmmbootcamp.com, and I can share a more detailed syllabus with you if helpful.

Thanks for your consideration,

[Your name]

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